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Check out my photo editing site thank you for your support.

Donate now for a chance to win a graphics card with a display port to dvi active adaptor. 

Hello, I want to start hosting more servers for you all to enjoy I just need some help I have updated the donations page. I will try and run a Vanilla server as soon as I can.

Happy New Year 2013
 to all who have played on the servers. I will be closing down the server on Jan 2nd so Jan 1st will be the last day for the Vanilla server. All changes will be posted here, if the server is closed or not. Keep coming back to the site for more servers or for getting your own hosted. Thank you all for playing and enjoy the new year.

Server is back up and running. I will run this server till Jan 1st, unless I get some support from donations I will have to shutdown the server. Thanks.

The server may be down today due to me upgrading my computer to Windows 8 I will run the server again once I have updated. Thanks.

Now updated to 1.4.6

Server will be updated to 1.4.6 when craftbukkit is updated.

Hope all are enjoying the server. I hope to keep the server running as long as I can without donations, but please consider donating or using /buy in game to donate.

I am hosting a none 24/7(Will try and run at least 12pm-10pm everyday) server with

    ip with 10 slots

Please let me know here of any problems you encounter on the server and Thanks for playing.

Help keep the server running and for improvements by donating or hosting.

This is just a test so anyone who wants to join can help me test. I plan to run this server today till 9pm. The server should be running now. Please let me know of any problems. Thanks.

This will be the last day(Nov 27th) for the server please enjoy and more servers will be up in the future. I will also continue to host others servers(for more info visit Hosting For You tab). Thank you for all who have played donated and supported the Vanilla server. I will consider running one on my home network since I have just upgraded my Internet speed, this server will be reverted to Nov 20 as I have a backup from then.

Server is being updated to 1.4.4 also if anyone would like a 3D model of this or other servers check out figureprints.

This will be the last month(ending Nov 27th) for the server unless some donations are received. Hope you all enjoy the last month and I will continue to host other servers so visit the site for updates. This will delete all the buildings on the server, thanks for playing.

I have done some updates to bukkit and hope this helps solve the problem of crashing. This problem will be fixed as soon as possible. The server should be running now. Thanks for your patience.

The server seems to be crashing the remote computer, I will confirm with the site I am renting a remote computer from and then try and remove some plugins to see if that helps. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have recently been on the server and have fixed many server side bugs, and improved the user messages. If you have a place/house on the server talk to me(bokharij) and I will protect it for you. Please help by donating.

The Tekkit server is closed and the Vanilla server has been updated to 1.4.2, you will no longer need a 1.3.2 client. Please help by donating to keep the server alive.

I will be closing the tekkit server and have decided to let the Vanilla server run for one more month(since people are enjoying the server) until Nov 27 unless I get donations(longer if so). Please help by donating. Also the Vanilla server is running bukkit for anti griefers so Minecrfat version 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 are supported currently and I will update when 1.4.2 is supported.Therefore you will need a 1.3.2 Minecraft client to play. If people want the server to go 100% vanilla version 1.4.2 let me know, but be prepared for griefers. Thanks for playing on the servers and I will continue to host others servers, you can purchace here. You can get version 1.3.2 here or

Hello to everyone who has continued to play on the servers that are currently running. This will be the last month closing on Oct 27th. If you would like me to keep the servers running please help by donating so I can pay for the next month. This site will still be up and I will host other servers in the future, so Thank you again.

The tekkit server may be closing this month, if you have enjoyed the server please help by donating so that the server can be kept open. Thank you to anyone who has played donated and /or will donate in the future.                                                                                                                                                    buy is back on the Vanilla server along with rent op for a month(Vanilla only) with updated rules. To buy simple type /buy in the chat window, a list of Names and ids will show, type /buy ID (ID being the item # you are interested in) you will be presented a link which you can click right in the chat window. Accept to open it in the browser and you can read about the item you picked before purchase, after you are satisfied pay and you will automatically get the item you purchased. People who use this will also be entered into the draw for prizes but people who donate from the site will have better chances(since they can donate more). For info on prizes visit the Donations tab and/or continue to read below.

Check out the new Videos tab. For tutorials and Videos and How To's tab for future How To articles on various topics.

Servers are up and running.

The spawn location for the Vanilla server will be changing please use /sethome /home commands before this happens if you wish to remain at the old location. /spawn might be added to permissions later.

Prizes will be given if enough donations are received. Please use a paypal account with a valid shipping(email) address, since if you win a prize that is the location it will be sent. Donations page might take a bit to load sometimes therefore I am putting a donation button here and I will add your donation amount to the meter

No more explotion destruction on the servers from creepers and the likes.

Permissions have been added to both servers giving users these commands
/back (on death only)

Vanilla server now has more buildings but is still a survival server.

Tekkit(65 slots) No longer whitelisted

All updates complete and both servers are running again. Thank you all for your patience.

Also I am thinking of hosting servers for people who don't know how to set it up themselves. If anyone wants me to make a server for them please read "Hosting For You" page

The dedicated servers are having a major update(for the better) and thus these servers are down. They say after the update the servers will be back up today. Sorry for any inconveniences.

A new map has been made, also we are running a tekkit server as well as this Vanilla server. The ips of each are below. Please continue to donate(as you can see I have slowly been improving the server, thanks to donations I have received)  

Hi I have been looking for a nice Vanilla server, but could not find anything that I really wanted to join(or could not get in). Thus decided to make my own server. I have had experience with servers before but this will be the first time I am running one for the public. I will start by having this server run most of the time and might move to 24/7 if enough people are interested or I get some donations. I am running this off my own computer so I will see how well it holds up(lag, etc..).

I am making this a no Whitelist server temporarily. 30 slots to start. No PvP. I want this to be a no stealing server, no bad language, and am looking for a coop type experience.

No Griefing
No Steeling
No Bad language

Rules if op include these and above(I follow these aswell)
Try not to fly in front of others online
No time/weather changing when others online(unless all agree)
Try not to us creative to build elaborate structures(Mansions, ect houses are fine)(items must be scavenged)
No giving items from creative mode or op commands or changing people to creative.
Also try and be in servival mode when others are online((this is optional)unless other ops)

Vanilla(30 slots)No Whitelist


Tekkit(65 slots) No longer whitelisted
Whitelisted as of now people who have been whitelisted on the vanilla server are whitelisted here too


for tekkit you will need TechnicLauncher.exe from here
since the tekkit server is 1.2.5
Both are 24/7

If you are interested please leave your
Why you want to join:
What would you donate for:
Also donations will get you whitelisted, just remember to leave your minecraft ign when donating

Also please let me know what items you would like for donations in tekkit(only, vanilla /buy donations removed for now) and I will implement it in /buy(buycraft) to use type /buy in chat then /buy id, then click the link in chat, after that read more info and then purchase items.

Owner: bokharij
Co-owner(thanks to huge donations): Capyainyoyo1996

Special Thanks for donations:
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